selected works
Alma Winkler’s works of art explore questions about how we can perceive our context and surroundings with new perspectives. She has investigated What we perceive as logical and normal, what invisible social boundaries govern us and how we experience and choose to interpret our outside world. Her recent works are about the existential experience of becoming a mother and the complex and conflicting emotions that arise from lifelong kinship. The separation and liberation between mother and child as well as our needs to deal with our desires to be loved and to love sincerely, and the sorrow that occurs in between.

She work in a variety of expressions and often explores a theme by a multitude of media, such as – sculpture, installation, performance, text and sounds – that together illustrate an issue and concretize a phenomenon. Alma Winkler focus on our experience of materials and its tactile characteristic qualities and history. Her method is process-oriented where, based on an idea, she strives to rely on her body's intuitive choices and to let desire, spontaneity, and curiosity guide her work and in this way investigate the subject intuitively.

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